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26th Year

Although The Fishing Schools are held on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, the knowledge and expertise acquired is applicable to all other bodies of water when in the pursuit of Bass or other gamefish in both fresh and saltwater. Our text and class is continually updated to reflect the newest equipment, products and techniques. Additionally, we cover existing methods and patterns that have, over the years, consistently produced bass. Cost of all schools includes lodging, meals, classroom material and instructor’s fees.
This years first class is my two day hands on Map & Electronics with our hands on sonar portion utilizing Lowrance Electronics’ updated HDS color sonar units e/w GPS (Global Positioning System) and Structure Scan. In addition we have an “Extensive” 35 MM slide program of real life situations showing CHART/SONAR unit screens taken on Rayburn using my HDS screen capture feature. Our second day is spent detailing topographical and hydrographical maps and correlating their relationship to fishing success while outlining seasonal bass movements.
Due to increased facility use fees our second class has been restructured from our previous six day session split between fishing and classroom to a three day all classroom which will total approximately twenty hours. We cover everything involved in bass fishing from rods, reels, lures, equipment selection, seasonal habits, building of patterns, boat rigging to maintenance, etc. To compensate for the loss of your on the water fishing time, I’ve scheduled our annual Big Bass session directly following to begin Sunday evening, March 23. Those attending both classes will receive a $25 discount which is based on a first come basis.
Our third class of the year is our week long fishing program geared towards understanding and catching “Big Bass”. I’ve scheduled this class during Rayburn’s pre-spawn - spawn period. This school entails fishing approximately nine hours each day. During our evening classroom periods we build a special “Big Bass pattern formula including pre-spawn habits, required equipment, migration routes, holding cover, preferred lures, “catching times”, etc.  Anglers must bring their own boats and equipment to this class. This year’s class will begin at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday with our Big Bass program hopefully including speakers from Lowrance Electronics and PRADCO Outdoor Brands covering subjects of interest to today’s anglers. Mickey Eastman, host of Houston’s KILT Outdoor radio program will be here again this year for his annual Bass outing which is his and my fun fishing time each year.
Our Tournament package is geared towards anglers fishing the annual McDonald's Tournament held on Rayburn each year. We provide extensive information on Catch & Release, current conditions, existing patterns and lures during this session. Daily weather conditions will be covered each morning at breakfast.

2014 Class Schedule


Map & Electronics Class
February 28 - March 2          $245 Tuition
Friday evening through Sunday afternoon
Minimum of 8 - Maximum of 22
Advanced Fishing Class
March 21 - 23               $340 Tuition
Friday evening through Sunday afternoon
Minimum of 6 - Maximum of 16
Big Bass Special
March 23 - 28                        $405 Tuition
Sunday evening through Friday afternoon
Minimum of 8 - Maximum of 28
Big Bass Tournament Package
April 24 - 27                            $215 Total
Maximum 34 unless anglers share suites
Lodging, meals, boat hookups and
Big Bass patterning seminars with Will Kirkpatrick


Students talk about

The Fishing School Classes



"The perfect mixture of pleasure and training"

-- Red Rochelle, Houston, Texas


"I did not realize how little I knew about bass fishing until after attending the Fishing School."

-- Rodney Bingham, Houston,  Texas



"There is so much information out there - it takes someone like Will Kirkpatrick to put it all together for us.  I loved it."

--Kate Truhan, Houston, Texas


"Well worth the cost.  I'll be back."

John O'Brien, Albuquerque, New Mexico


All classes are on a first come, first served basis and require a 50% deposit 30 days prior to class date with prices based on double occupancy.  


For further information or for class date availability, call me at (409-584-3177), or if you prefer, you can write me at 21815 FM 705, Broaddus, Texas 75929



School sponsors include: Arbogast, Bomber, Booyah, Cordell, Heddon, Lindy, Rebel, Silver Thread, Smithwick, Xcalibur, Yum,, Lowrance Electronics,, G. Loomis Rods,, and the Triton Boat line, 1-888-887-4866. "Built to last a lifetime with a complete absence of wood."

Will has been the author of The Houston Chronicle’s Freshwater blog ( since its inception in February 2007, plus a field reporter for KILT Outdoors radio show (Houston).


Will Kirkpatrick is an active member of the Texas Outdoor Writer’s Association.


He was chosen by Texas' Governor Rick Perry as one of his three appointees to the State's Recreational Boating Safety Panel in 2009.


Before resigning (after 8 years due to Hatchery Gate at $45 Million dollars and still not completed), he was one of twelve statewide anglers who were members of the Freshwater Fisheries Advisory Board for Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
For more information on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, my Fishing Report, my Guide Service, or The Fishing Schools, please use these links or give me a call before 8:00 pm at 409-584-3177.

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